Hakan Kilic

I’ve been in product management for the last 20 years, and leading teams for 15 of those. I count myself as enormously lucky to have worked with some of the best engineering, marketing and business folks from around the world. My true enjoyment comes from being involved in driving strategic initiatives that have to do with product and project management processes, implementation and best practices; focus on delivery of products that actually meet market and customer needs; successful product development and launch; and ownership of the P&L.

From leading the Product organization at LightSpeed POS, to cutting my teeth at product at Nuance Communications, and every sized company in between, it’s been an eye opener on what it takes to be a Product leader.

From managing multimillion dollar product lines to contributing to the W3C standards committee around VoiceXML, I try to be an active community member and contributor of product management best practices. But you know how busy we can get…

I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering from Concordia University, and an MBA in Marketing and Finance from McGill University. You get as much as you put in when going to school, participating in product management communities like GrandView, and writing blogs. But you should always love what you do, and have fun doing it.

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