Product Management Talk – community event

If we've ever talked, you'll probably know that I'm a big proponent of product management community events, either ProductCamps, GrandView on LinkedIn, and this past Monday I was also able to participate on the Global ProductManagementTalk. It's an interesting idea, formed originally by Andrienne from brainmates and Cindy Solomon. It combines a lot of ad-hoc... Continue Reading →

How to get hired as a product manager

First off - this post talks more on existing product managers looking for a new opportunity and how best to approach it. For anyone looking to become a product manager for the first time, coming from sales engineering, development, support or training - congrats! You're in for a crazy ride and one of the most... Continue Reading →

Centralized vs. decentralized product management

What every executive should know about organizational structures in product management In my years of speaking with organizations, one question continues to come up – how do we better align our product teams with our business and development units to drive growth. It’s a tough challenge, and one that executives try to address by deciding... Continue Reading →

Product Management ToolKits

For every product manager I've worked with, I uncover yet another "unique" problem that is so completely different from any other problem in the industry that it's almost impossible to solve - but not really. There is always quite a bit of overlap, repetition and similarity, albeit wrapped in a different skin. This is actually... Continue Reading →

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