The vision behind Back to the Product

After working for many years in product management, and then at a technology and consulting firm specializing in product management solutions, I find myself in a unique position to understand product management. Not the product management that some people euphemize, but the real thing, as experienced by countless developers suddenly thrust into product management, consultants trying to establish some sort of formal definition, and the countless other professionals trying to deliver great products. I plan to use this blog to talk about all things product management and product marketing related, perhaps provide some resources that can be used, and ultimately, push product management into the spotlight. For to understand the future, you have to go Back to the Product.


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  1. Hi Hakan, I think your focus is timely. I am seeing an expansion of product management in many organizations that have not had the discipline before. And many newly-minted PMs are smart but lack experience and standard practices to draw on. I hope you can provide them with some perspective.


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